Day 23 - Pauses for Lent - Wept


My first thought when I saw these letters was what radio or television station is this.  Then I read that this is in reference to the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.”  John 11:35.  Interpretation is a matter of “sizt en leben” or situation in life.  We all interpret from our present perspective.
Psalm 14:1 “Fools say in their hearts, there is no God.  They are corrupt and do evil things; not one of them does anything good.”  CEB
Fools can’t laugh.  They don’t have it in their heart.
In his book, Rumor of Angels, Peter Berger states that humor is a sense of the Divine.  Those who believe in God have a different view of life.
The fool believes that life consists of birth to death.  That is all that matters.  Jesus told a parable about a man who was caught up in this life and had attained much wealth.  So pleased with his possessions, he told himself to eat, drink and be merry.  But God said, “Fool, tonight you will die.  Now who will get the things you have prepared for yourself?
One of the tragedies of current political correctness is we can no longer laugh, either at ourselves or with others.  Comedians are no longer welcome on some college campuses.  Some might get their feelings hurt.  They have no sense of the Divine.
My favorite picture in my office is the “Laughing Jesus.”  No doubt, Jesus laughed.  Consider the jokes he told.  The one about the “good Samaritan” or when he told the leper to go wash in river to be healed and who can forget the time he turned water into wine!  Jesus was the life of the party!
A joke is a story with an ending that startles us.  Sometimes so absurd, we cannot help but laugh.  Of course, the biggest joke ever told was on Easter.  Political and religious leaders were successful, they thought, of getting rid of this Jesus trouble maker.  They crucified him and put him in a tomb.  Good riddance.  Life to death.  Game over.  That was Friday, but Sunday’s coming, said the preacher.  Death could not keep its prey.  BOOM!  He is risen!  What a punch-line!  Have a good laugh today and forever, because we see life from the other side of the grave.  What is your life perspective?
Andy Ray, Tupelo District Co-Superintendent

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