Day 18 - Pauses for Lent - Listen


“Let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak…”  James 1:19
To “listen” seems like a simple proposition doesn’t it? In principle it is, however; in practice, well…most of us could use some improvement.  The word listen is both a verb and a noun, with the verb meaning to “give ear”.  As a noun it means, “an act of listening”.  In my humble opinion, we need to lean toward the noun, which to me, implies more of a state of being than possibly an inattentive fleeting action. 
During this Lenten season as we seek to draw near to God we should consider that no deep abiding relationship exists without the gift of listening. For any relationship to grow deeper there needs to be investments made.  God has already made the dearest, most precious investment possible. It’s our turn.  For us to be in a state of listening for the voice of our creator and friend, savior and redeemer, kinsman and lover is a quest we would do well to engage in. The benefits are out of this world!
It has been said that “listening is at the heart of life with God”.  What does your life with God look like at this particular time, on this particular day?  Are you listening for the voice of God in a new state of being, or has familiarity crept in and caused that precious gift to become a fleeting action?  Perhaps now is the time to seek a more finely tuned position of spirit, soul, and body and truly listen to the voice of God. As you do you may realize that you are listening more effectively to all the conversations you have, and really hearing what others say.
Rev. Kathy Price, Pastor Alta Woods UMC (Jackson)

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