May and Lucas Co-chair Mississippi-Africa University Partnership


 The following message to Mississippi United Methodists is from the co-chairs of the Mississippi-Africa University Partnership, Dr. Joe May, and Dr. Aubrey Lucas.
Dr. Joe May, right, and Dr Aubrey Lucas
Dear Mississippi United Methodists,
This letter brings good news about Africa University! In 1992 The United Methodist Church opened Africa University, located in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, to provide much needed higher education for that continent and for the fast-growing United Methodist Church in Africa.  From 49 students that first year, the University has grown to almost 1,500 students representing 23 different African countries. The University offers the traditional liberal arts and sciences and prepares students for careers in theology, education, agriculture, business, government and health-related fields.  
Africa University is blessed with the generosity of the global United Methodist Church. This support and the careful management of the University, under its board of directors and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry have resulted in a debt-free campus!  
Mississippi United Methodists have provided leadership and support for Africa University from its beginning by serving on the committee to find a location for the University; by serving on its board of directors; by providing scholarships for students; and by erecting on a mountain overlooking the campus the United Methodist emblem of the sword and flame.
We now have an opportunity to continue that support and to help ensure the future of Africa University. The great need today is for endowments which will serve the University now and in the future. Over 5,000 students have graduated from Africa University.  These Africa University alumni are making disciples and addressing the challenges of hunger, poverty, disease and conflict. We United Methodists can be proud of Africa University and through The POWER of We, our gifts will assure its future.

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