Picture Reminder of Carr's Love for Africa University


By Tamica Smith Jeuitt, Communications Specialist, Mississippi Conference
Photo below right: The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Carr pictured far right stood in a vast field of brush more than 25 years ago in Zimbabwe. The location was the site Africa University.

When the time came for members of the Mississippi Conference to make the trip to Africa University where they would present its first installment of a $1.3 million endowment to the university, one of the biggest cheerleaders leading the fundraiser stayed behind. Doctors told the Rev. Dr. Jimmy Carr his heart was not healthy enough to travel to Zimbabwe. He passed away days before a check was presented in the amount of nearly $700,000. The presentation occurred during a celebration of the school's 25th anniversary of its existence.

Carr was a co-chair for the Mississippi Africa University Partnership. He passed away early morning on March 18. 

"He wanted to be there so badly and so did I. He worked hard to make that scholarship happen and wanted to be a part of the presentation. He was there in spirit," said Carr's wife Joy. She shared her husband's passion for Africa University.

She said he served on the site selection committee for Africa University as a member of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. He was there when the university opened.

The family has been overwhelmed with condolences from all over the world. One of them came in the form of a picture from Jim Salley, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement for Africa University. 

"He sent a picture to us of a rainbow taken the night that he (Jimmy) died. It went from the bottom of the mountain over the cross and flame to the other end of the mountain. It was heartwarming."

The cross and flame image in the photo sits on a hilltop above the main campus at Africa University. It was donated by the Mississippi Conference. Carr was responsible for the emblem being there.

Click here to read more about Carr's obituary and gifts to the United Methodist Church from the United Methodist News Service. For more about Africa University's 25 years, click here.      

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