Intern for The Gathering Shares Glory Sighting


Intern for The Gathering Shares Glory Sighting   
By Kayla Mattox, Mississippi State University Wesley Foundation   

Photo right: The Rev. Corey Truett, front corner of the picture, captured a selfie with student interns for The Gathering 2017 in Jackson, Miss. at Christ United Methodist Church.
On Feb. 20 - 21, a group of 13 ragtag individuals gathered together to train for and hammer out all the minute details that go into planning such a huge event as The Gathering. So much growth has occurred in this event that we needed more interns than ever before to pull off this Jesus -- encountering weekend! Knowing the scope of The Gathering, I expected the training weekend's long hours of pouring over time sheets and job descriptions; I expected the crowded conference room -- I didn't even raise an eyebrow at the bunch of strangers surrounding me with coffee on their breath.

What I didn't expect (that I really shouldn't be surprised at by now) was that God would meet us so readily in our frustrations, or that He would take perfect strangers and knit us together in one body so that we would leave the weekend with new brothers and sisters in Christ. Before we looked at the first figure or debated the first pro or con of Broom Hockey, our fearless leader, Corey Truett pulled out his guitar. He led us in a time of worship -- a time of refreshing our spirits and lifting our empty cups to the only One who can fill them to overflow with rivers of living water. In the middle of that mundane conference room, we entered into the presence of God and He turned our eyes to see the threads of Kingdom Work that He was weaving through even the smallest facets of our planning. God met us where we were. He always does.
With that truth on our sleeves, we rolled them up and got down to business, and here's some of what The Gathering has in store this year:
Big news, the usual basketball tournament is a thing of the past! Instead, there are going to be several options for group games including Kickball, Broom Hockey, Capture the Flag, Nine Square, Gaga Ball, and Sprout Ball, in addition to a video game trailer, bounce houses, and a DJ. Games are a great way to get to know new people and build community, so don't forget to sign up for some of these exciting recreational games!
We are all so excited for how God is going to move through The Gathering weekend, and we want to invite all 6th through 12th grade youth groups to register for this event and join us, February 2426, in glorifying the Lord and learning more about Him!
Information on how to register can be found at, a page that also includes a full list of featured speakers you won't want to miss hearing. 

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