Climate Justice Event for UMW and Clergy Feb.18


Photo right: Abby Bassie will be leading a social action event on climate justice Feb. 18 at First UMC in Grenda, Miss.

United Methodist Women calls for sound stewardship of the earth and environmentally friendly lifestyles that preserve creation for the benefit of present and future generations.   For these reasons, Greenwood District United Methodist Women invites women to attend the Social Action Event -- Climate Justice. This event is Sat. Feb. 18, 2017, at First UMC in Grenada, Mississippi. Abby Bassie is leading the gathering and encouraging all Mississippi United Methodist women to com out.  

Bassie has a B.S. in biological/environmental engineering from Mississippi State University and pursuing a master's degree in electrical engineering at MSU.  

As an undergraduate, she worked with leading environmental scientists to study sea level rise and its effect on wetlands in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She also worked for the River Engineering Branch of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and developed mudslide forecasting systems for vulnerable regions of the Southwestern United States.

"These experiences have shaped my perception of climate justice in a very personal way. It's been incredible to play a very small part in the global effort to understand human impacts on our climate. It's a subject that I'm very passionate about, and I hope that our discussion will motivate you to seek climate justice for yourself, for your posterity, and for the global population," she said.

For more information contact: Jackie Pennington, Social Action Coordinator, or call 662-719-5064.

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