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Growing in Grace at Asbury UMC, Holly Springs
By Laura Lea Williams, Mississippi Conference Staff

Photo right: Members of Asbury UMC are pictured making food baskets through Growing in Grace. Photo courtesy Asbury UMC.

When Asbury United Methodist Church in Holly Springs, Mississippi, attracted 34 new members in less than four months, they knew they needed help to grow them spiritually. After talking to their new members, the leaders of Asbury realized that about 60 percent of them were unchurched, and many could not adequately confess their faith in writing or orally. Their solution was to create a way to educate these new members about what it meant to be a United Methodist, and so, Growing in Grace formed.

Asbury modeled Growing in Grace around The POWER of We -- Core Four Values of The Mississippi Conference (Love, Generosity, Justice and Apprenticeship). With each component, there are various activities to lead the new members on a path of spiritual growth and strength. Love focused on creating a lasting relationship with God; this strengthens by worship, Bible studies, and speaking with other Christians about their journey. The components Generosity and Justice, work on reaching out to the community to share God's love. Apprenticeship focuses on molding the new members into spiritual leaders for their community.

Through Growing with Grace, Asbury has contributed 1,229 hours of service toward mission projects and spiritual revitalization as of 2015. Asbury works with their community of Holly Springs and often works with Rust College to engage their students with the church. The members of Asbury are using their mission grant to work further on Growing in Grace and spreading the work of Jesus through their outreach to the community and Living Out The POWER of We.

The Mississippi Conference Connectional Ministries Mission Grants are a matching grant available to United Methodist churches and United Methodist sponsored or related agencies in Mississippi. Grants range from $500 to $2,500 per project, with one award of up to $10,000. They are awarded to form spiritual leaders, new places for new people, connections through existing congregations and engagement in ministry with the poor; therefore, living out the four Core Values of The POWER of We. 

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The POWER of We funded in part by your apportioned mission shares.

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