Bibles Lost and Found at Camp


Camp Wesley Pines Returning Lost Bibles 
By Tamica Smith Jeuitt, Communications Specialist, Mississippi Conference

Photo right: Rebecca Teasley lost two Bibles roughly 20 years ago at Camp Wesley Pines but has them back thanks to a worker at the camp and Facebook. Photo courtesy Rebecca Teasley.
Photo below right: A paper slip with details that may identify the owner is in each Bible. Photo courtesy Camp Wesley Pines.
Photo below left: This is the Bible from Teasley's grandmother. Photo courtesy Rebecca Teasley.
In November 2012, Rebecca Teasley lost her three small children and her grandmother in a car accident. The kid's ages were 3, 6, and 15-months. Often the tragedy weighs heavy on Teasley. However, on one of those difficult days in August 2016, her spirit was lifted when she learned the Bible her grandmother gave her was found at Camp Wesley Pines.  Teasley was around age 12 when she attended the camp in Hazlehurst, Mississippi and misplaced the Bible.

"It was a rainy and dreary day. I was just looking for a little bit of sunshine somewhere that day when I heard about the Bible. I guess God kept it and tucked away from me. He knew 20 years down the road it was going to be important to me. His timing is always so perfect for me. My grandmother wrote a note in it that said, '...We love you,'" stated Teasley.

Bibles left behind at Camp Wesley Pines-some from as far back as 30 years -- are being returned to their rightful owner's thanks to Connie Crosby, the food service coordinator at the camp. She began collecting the Bibles four years ago in case there were inquiries about them. For each book, Crosby made a profile of details she discovered -- names, phone numbers, photos and messages.
"I just know they (Bibles) are special. I thought surely these are special to someone. So far, I have probably found 80 to 90 Bibles. Many were packed back in the Tabernacle, the original worship center on the campus," she said.  
Over the years, there have been few requests for missing Bibles. So, this past fall, Crosby decided to post descriptions of them on the Camp Wesley Pines Facebook page.
"It was a hit. I think I have returned 15 to 20 Bibles," Crosby expressed with amusement.
In fact, it was through Facebook that she and Teasley connected. Surprisingly, Crosby contacted Teasley again about a second Bible. It had Teasley's name it and lots of teenage scribbles that read; I love Greg. Once more, Teasley confirmed the Bible was hers.

"I actually ended up marrying Greg, but we did get a divorce," she said laughingly. "I had forgotten all about that Bible. When you are kid, you don't know the significance of a Bible. This is all God's work. He used Mrs. Connie (Crosby)."
For more than 40 years, adults and children visit Wesley Pines for the fun of camping, spiritual growth, tranquility, and fellowship. The camp welcomes roughly 8,000 guests annually and consequently, items are forgotten such as Bibles.
To view Crosby's notes on the lost Bibles, visit the Camp Wesley Pines Facebook page

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