Post-election Healing Communion Service


By Tamica Smith Jeuitt, Mississippi Conference Communications          

Photo right: Jimmy and Judy Norris of St. Marks UMC locked hands during the prayer. Picture by Tamica Smith Jeuitt, Mississippi Conference Communications.

Photo below right:  Three lines of people receiving post-election day communion swiftly moved at the Mississippi State Capitol Building. Picture by Tamica Smith Jeuitt, Mississippi Conference Communications.

The Mississippi Conference Advocacy Committee led a post-election healing and communion service on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol Building, downtown Jackson.  Approximately 70 people joined the committee to observe a sacred moment of healing centered around the Lord's table at noon, on Nov. 9.
In light of division across the country caused by a season of political unrest and anxiety, conference leaders thought the service was necessary.
The Rev. David McCoy with the Mississippi Conference Office of Spiritual Leadership stated that people should talk. 
"I think it is better to bring those feeling to the surface.  If we face it, we can fix it. If we hide it, and act as though nothing is going on, then we have difficulty addressing the issues.  So this way we will be able to address the issue and give them to Jesus."
With ballots counted and winners declared, the committee reminds everyone to remain a society of one nation and to continue being members of the body of Christ.
"Bate every action and attitude we have in prayer and always seek God and remember who we are centered in," said the Rev. Kathy Price, chairperson for the Mississippi Conference Commission on Religion and Race.
The committee asked local United Methodist churches to serve communion later in the day during Wednesday evening church service or on Sunday, Nov. 13.  
The Mississippi Conference Advocacy Committee said the healing service was an extension of the conference's theme -- Living Out The POWER of We.
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