The Church Has Left the Building


There was a great deal of work done when Marvin United Methodist Church in Florence, Mississippi left the building. Marvin experienced opportunities for a wonderful ministry as they reached outside their walls to share God’s love. 

Some of the opportunities for work were in Florence’s local schools, communities of need, nursing and retirement homes, the United Methodist Children’s Homes, the Hudspeth Center, local senior citizen apartments and there was an opportunity to make blankets for the homeless. The day closed with a meal which was a time for sharing project results, pictures of teams working, fellowship, joy and love expressed by all.

In learning about the projects undertaken, one can only imagine how many lives were touched. Take that thought and enlarge the numbers when you consider the ripple effect as others learn about this community of believers reaching out beyond its walls.

There were many who worked and many more that prayed. The ones who worked could not have accomplished what was done if they had not had others praying.