Church's Flock Includes Four-footed Kind


By Robert Lee Long, Community Editor for The DeSoto Times Tribune

EUDORA — Sharon Clark believes the Bible says a great deal about caring for God's creatures, great and small.

That's why she and other members of tiny Eudora United Methodist Church banded together to stage a month-long benefit for the DeSoto County Animal Shelter during July.

This past Sunday, more than two pickup loads of food and shelter items were donated to the shelter. The items included dog and cat food, towels, medical supplies and appliances.

"I did not think that we would have the overwhelming response that we had," Clark said. "It was just beyond belief."

The church's pastor, Sonny Daniels, geared his sermon around the care of animals and creatures entrusted into the care of humankind.

"We did a lot and we are just a little church," Clark said.

Animal Shelter officials, members of the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors and representatives of DeSoto County government were on hand to witness the donation effort during the congregation's worship service.

DeSoto County Animal director Monica Mock said she and assistant director Jason Patrick were also more than just a little flabbergasted when a brand new refrigerator was delivered to the shelter, courtesy of the Eudora United Methodist Church and Friends of the DeSoto County Animal Shelter.

"We were really surprised," Mock said. "It was overwhelming. I couldn't believe what they were able to get for us. They were so kind and generous."

Mock said members of the church were also able to procure a brand new washing machine.

"They donated everything from dog food to cat food to medicine and even bottled water for the staff," Mock said. "They thought of everything."

Clark said the church plans to make the Animal Shelter benefit an annual event.

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