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Local Pastor Portrays Jesus in Kosciusko Passion Play
Starkville District News

Photo right: Rev. Matt Tucker of Bellefontaine United Methodist Church and Lebanon UMC portrays Jesus in the upcoming production of 'His Last Days' (photo by Gwen Sisson).  
Rev. Matt Tucker said portraying Jesus in the play, "His Last Days" at Kosciusko First United Methodist Church for the past several years, has been impactful.

"Try carrying a cross, literally, while some high school kids whip you," Tucker said. "It will make you realize this was nothing compared to what Jesus actually went through for loving us. He is compassion, which means 'that which you will suffer for,' because studying about the crucifixion, I realized there I no more painful of a way to die than that and Jesus endured as an obedient servant of God's will for our lives. That is awesome!" 

For Tucker, it has been difficult as an actor thinking about Jesus' reactions to different situations in the play, such as his facial expression when Judas betrays him, or when Peter denies him three times, or how to portray his suffering on the cross.
"I struggle with these parts every year but I also ask God to allow me to be His vessel before every show so He takes care of me," Tucker said.
Tucker is the pastor at Bellefontaine UMC and Lebanon UMC in Webster County, but grew up in Kosciusko and recently served as their youth pastor for many years.

The 31st annual "His Last Days: The Passion Play" will be presented by Kosciusko First United Methodist Church in Kosciusko, the three nights prior to Easter, March 24, 25, and 26 at 8 p.m. on the grounds of the church. There is no cost for admission, no tickets are required, and no reservations are necessary to attend the performance.  A nursery is provided. Parking for vehicles, including vans and buses, is conveniently located near the church grounds.  

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