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Time is winding down to the last day for Mississippi United

Methodist churches to report their mission share giving in 2013.  The date is January 10.  Mission shares--formally known as apportionments--refers to a goal of benevolence giving set by the Mississippi United Methodist Conference in order to fund the numerous charities, scholarships, missions, community centers, domestic and international ministries, conference programmatic and administrative costs, clergy support and initiatives of the state and global church.  That goal of benevolence giving is then divvied up and passed on to the local churches after a formula calculates each church's fair share. 


As of January 3, 2014, the conference treasurer's office gave an account for 557 of the 1,071 churches reporting 100% mission giving.   That includes the three small congregations led by Rev. Bunyan "Jeep" Pepper. He wrote the following notice for inspiration to other churches days before the turn of the new year. 


The Heart for Giving


I serve three small churches In Attala County on the McAdams Charge. They are Bethel, Salem and McAdams. These are three of the most unique churches that I have ever pastored. One has a membership of five. One has an average attendance of 16 and the other 12.


They have lost members to death and population shift in the area for the past several years. It is a financial struggle for some of the members and even though they only have two worship services per month, we anticipate that we will have paid 100% by December 31 on mission shares for the 2013 year.


How are they able to accomplish this? By not thinking of their giving as paying a tax that is required, but as an opportunity to join their small financial resources with other churches in the district and conference so as to be able to reach out into the world outside their congregations. In other words, they want to be "churches" and not just worship centers.


Did your church have an extravagant financial year? One church in the Mississippi Conference that wanted to remain anonymous gave financial gifts toward two churches' mission shares who are serving among persons in poverty. Is there a church you would like to encourage by helping with their mission shares? Do so by January 10, 2014, call Laura Rollins at the conference office, 601-354-0515.

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