Pastors: Preach on Children's Health Day October 6


 A Message from Jack Conrad, Chaplain of Faith and Health at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Dearest Pastor:


I have been richly blessed to serve the Lord through my ministry at church as well as being a chaplain here at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. When I have a church member here, I am reminded how thankful I am that in Memphis we have such a wonderful Children's Hospital that is one of the best in the United States.


I have had the opportunity of meeting many of you over the LeBonheuryears when you have come to visit. Your presence makes such a big difference to your church family. You bring a spirit, a connection to your members that is of God. It is a crucial part of the healing of the children. You are a blessing. <<Read More>> 


We at Le Bonheur are attempting to grow that "faith connection" with as many of our churches that are served by Le Bonheur. First, with your congregation's prayer for all the staff of physicians, nurses and support staff that allows the heart above our hospital to represent a healing place. Please include us all in your prayer.


Secondly, you can support us in your participation with us in acknowledging Children's Health Day at your church or place of worship on October 6, 2013. This is a national day of prayer and support for Children's Health. If you can we would encourage you to preach that day on the violence perpetrated on our kids. We see far too many children arrive at Le Bonheur as victims of violence. We see 2-year-olds that have been shot by random gunfire. Three-year-olds battered. Six-year-olds bloodied and damaged.


We as preachers need to speak out against this and ask our congregants to talk about it, not in just shaking our heads, but in moving it to action. The more we discuss the tragedy of violence, the more all of us with the help of God, will move to action.


So, unite with Le Bonheur on October 6 to speak out against child violence. We are suggesting using the Lectionary scripture for that day, Habakkuk 1:1-3/2:2-4. The quote "for spoiling and violence are before me," is as real today as it was in that time.


We ask all to join together to pray to the Lord, for his mercy on our community and the violence it generates especially toward the kids. Please invite your congregation to also pray.


Then preach on October 6 to bring that awareness to your church. If you would like, you can take an offering for the Le Bonheur Foundation and that money will be used to help the outreach programs Le Bonheur. These programs deal with helping families reduce the stresses in their lives which is at the core of much of the violence.


Pastors can join us on Monday, October 7 for a luncheon at noon, where we can offer our prayers once more for God's continued support of our ministry and in thanksgiving for Le Bonheur in our community.


Will you come join us?

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