Choctaw Mission Tells Their Story


Steve & Robin Claris and several young Choctaw traveled to Clarke County Sunday, June 24, to share of the work God is doing among our Choctaw brothers and sisters through the Choctaw UM Mission of the Mississippi Conference. Hearing "Amazing Grace" sung in the native Choctaw gave new meaning to the celebration of Native American Ministry at Stonewall UMC.

"Hosting these beautiful young people and Steve & Robin put faces and sounds to this important ministry," reports James Hall, Stonewall Pastor. "Our people really are energized by this visit, particularly our young people who were able to interact with the young Choctaw around the snack table and on the basketball court. Our youth, TEENation, already are brainstorming how we can be in mission among the Choctaw UM Mission. We are excited! "

Steve and Robin Claris are UM church and community workers serving among the Mississippi Band of Choctaw at the Mississippi Conference Choctaw UM Mission near Philadelphia, Mississippi.