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Bryan LongHow's My Credibility Looking?

The month of May is seen as a period of growth in nature. Following April showers, our Star Gazers and Irises are bursting open with blooming beauty. Let's use the example that Mother Nature gives us and take this time as a period of reflection about our own growth and maturity. I often encourage my clients to take a "personal inventory" by examining their personal gardens to find areas that "may" need some care.

Keeping the inventory simple leads to a higher level of motivation to change some behavioral patterns that "may" be stunting our growth. Humans are complex but most of our growth stems from simple changes.

Take some time to complete a "professional inventory" and review your credibility in the workplace. How do you fit in? Where is there opportunity for growth?

Here is a list of yes or no professional inventory questions to assess your workplace credibility.

1. Do I return phone calls in a timely manner?
2. Am I on time for meetings?
3. Do I honor my commitments?
4. Do I tell the truth rather than make excuses?
5. Can I answer complex questions about my job?
6. Do I avoid gossip?
7. Am I neat and well groomed?
8. Do I avoid criticizing others?
9. Is my work area organized?
10. Am I courteous?
11. Do I admit when I make a mistake?
12. Am I able to resolve disputes?
13. Am I attentive to details?
14. Do I practice win-win behavior?
15. Do I give public recognition to others?
16. Do I welcome feedback?
17. Am I familiar with the vision and goals of the company?
18. Do I remain calm in difficult situations?
19. Do I seek opportunities to learn new skills?
20. Do I clean up after myself?

How did you do? Congratulations on those areas that are blooming! And, what areas need some pruning and more attention?

It is well worth the effort to give your best and do the right thing in your professional and personal life. If you want to talk about your professional inventory results or take a more thorough personal inventory, the Employee Assistance Program is here for you and for all members of your household. Give us a call at 901-683-5658 to schedule your confidential appointment.

Author: Brian Long has a Master's degree in Counseling from the University of Memphis. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. He has been employed by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare since 1986 and with the Employee Assistance Program since 1990.



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