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Dear Friend of Stop Hunger Now,

Last month several Stop Hunger Now staff and volunteers returned from a trip to visit our partners in Nicaragua and while talking to the mothers at the local school in Jinotepe, they discovered that many mothers bring their pre-school aged children from miles around -- no matter the weather -- to ensure that their children have the advantage of at least one well-balanced meal a day. These women often don't even have a bowl to put their child's meal in -- they bring a little bag and feed the children with their fingers.

The team also met a young 13-year-old girl who had a one-year-old baby living in the Nueva Vida community outside of Managua. Both mother and child were severely malnourished until a local feeding center supported by Stop Hunger Now started providing both of them meals. Both mother and baby are healthy now and their future has promise and hope.

While on the 2012 Vision trip to Nicaragua, I realized that the distinction of being a Mother is not limited to an individual. I saw and felt the collective compassion within a group and as an organization to Mother those in need. This Mother's Day I will celebrate Stop Hunger Now, for all those who have been lovingly fed, body, mind, and spirit by their work, including me. -- Katie Caniglia, a volunteer and champion of Stop Hunger Now

As Katie and the others on this trip witnessed firsthand, for too many women in the world the greatest challenge is hunger. The pursuit of food comes before an education, but if food is provided at school attendance soars and children receive an education which will ultimately break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, young women who receive an education have half as many children in their lifetime and wait until they are older to begin having children. Finally, educated mothers raise healthier and more productive families. And all of this results from providing a simple meal.

In celebration of Mother's Day, most of us will honor the special women in our lives in some fashion -- maybe a nice lunch or flowers. Stop Hunger Now invites you to do something different this year. Visit our website at to donate in Honor or Memory of a special woman in your life -- wife, mother, grandmother, stepmother, teacher, etc. Stop Hunger Now will then send a beautiful card to that woman and let her or her family know that she has received this special tribute.

Working together we can end hunger in our lifetime, and live in a world where all women can raise their children with hope and possibility. Happy Mothers Day!

Warmest regards,
Ray Buchanan
Founder and International President

Rod Brooks
President & CEO  

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