Our Decisions


"Our Father, in heaven, hallowed by your name..." —  Matthew 6:9

There is no "my" in the Jesus Prayer. Rather, the possessive pronouns are the plural "our." John Wesley was right: there is no solitary Christian. We are bound in community.

General Conference is a marathon of gatherings — reunions and subcommittees and committees and plenaries. In each gathering, we listen, speak, work and discern.

The decisions are ours together. The process of The General Conference is dynamic, sometimes chaotic and sometimes orderly.

Each delegate and participant in this gathering in Tampa will name some things that delight us and some things that trouble us. We have varying opinions on many things. It is our calling to persevere with one another
as we envision the future together.

I ask your prayers for the committee work now completed, the legislation now before the plenary for decision, the process of debate and voting. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, may these processes that threaten
to divide be overwhelmed with God's gift of unity.

With gratitude for the gift of unity the Holy Spirit gives,
Hope Morgan Ward