Season of Conferencing


Our prayer is that your congregations had an incredible Easter. We serve a "Risen Savior that is in this world today"... that is life changing news! Now we enter a new season. It is the season of Conferencing. No that's not a new liturgical season... but a practical one. John Wesley taught us that conferencing is a "means of grace". Our life together centers in our prayer conferencing with God and each other.

Many of you have been in the 50 days of prayer for General Conference. If you have not please begin to lift up our leaders and delegations as they gather from around the world in Tampa, Florida to chart our denominational course into the next four years and beyond. Communications and Connection will be there to help you follow the work and conversation. We will share real time reports and special links to help you be in the know. I look forward to watching our church as it deals with many issues. Visit the web site for the basic info.

We are also moving towards our own Annual Conference. This weeks issue is the prelude to a special edition that will help you explore the 2012 gathering. "Arise Shine Give" is the theme. We invite you to be in prayer for our time together. The members of the Annual Conference will convene to worship, learn, and lead. There is so much we want to share about the conference. Gathering people from all over the state is exciting and challenging. There is much to prepare and we will need many volunteers. Please take time to check out the information in this issue. Then watch for your "Special Edition" next week. It will be a new design and we hope will be very helpful in preparing you for our time together in June. We are eager for your feedback, so please check it out and let us know what you think.

We will continue to add information to the web site about this conferencing season. Please feel free to call the offices at 601-354-0515, ext. 24 if you have questions. Our prayer is that this season will indeed be a "means of grace".

Live loved,
Steve Casteel

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