Are You Moving?


Mike HicksIt is that time of year once again when we hear, “Are you moving?” Yes, there will be clergy moving this year. There will also be many clergy staying in their present appointments this year.

People will begin to speculate about who is moving, where they are moving, and why they are moving. Folks, it is really not helpful to speculate on the why of moving for another clergy. If they say they are moving, let them talk about it or be silent. I encourage you to respect one another and all space for sharing that is safe and helpful for the clergy covenant.

Please be in prayer for the Bishop and cabinet as we work together in making appointments for the new conference year. This is a challenge and holy task. We all enter into this time trusting in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Please know that every pastor considered for a move is not just a name but a person that we know. We want the very best for every pastor. Every church that is receiving a new pastor is considered prayerfully and carefully in this process. Churches are not just dots on a board for us.

The reality is that there are hundreds of pastors and churches in the Mississippi Annual Conference. The cabinet works with individual pastors and churches, but we also must keep in mind the whole of the conference as well.

So some pastors may end up not moving, while other not planning to move will be asked to move. Churches will discover their pastor is moving or not moving after all. These decisions are made prayerfully and with much thought. So pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in appointment making.

Mike Hicks

Hattiesburg District Superintendent

320 Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
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