Lenten Devotional, 3/16/2012


Friday, March 16
God's Cornfield

Read Luke 15:4-7

Be still, and know that I am God... -- Psalm 46:10a

Years ago, my cousin Joann and her husband Harold had a dairy farm in Olive Branch and raised field corn to feed the cows. One hot summer day, when the corn was at its succulent best, Joann took her four-year-old son, George with her to the field to gather corn for the family. As she worked she didn't notice that George had slipped away. When she looked for him he was nowhere in sight!

She called to him and he answered her but she couldn't tell where he was. As she continued to call they both became frantic trying to find each other. Finally, Joann said, "George, BE STILL, and I'll come get you. Keep calling so I can find you."

The story had a happy ending as George and his mother were reunited in that cornfield and he stayed close to her the rest of the day, not letting her out of his sight.

This story makes me think of all the times I have strayed away from God, not very far, just far enough so that I could not feel His presence. Just far enough so that he has to come looking for me in the cornfield of life. I've learned that when I feel far from God it's because I slipped away; God didn't change, I DID! Just like my little cousin George, if we will be still and keep calling out to God, he will come for us and return us to His love and care.  -- Jane B. Thomas

Prayer: Loving Father, forgive us when we go our own way, when we stray from the warmth of your presence. Help us to always seek to do your will and follow your way. Amen

Thought for the Day: God loves and treasures each of us; when we are lost and frightened God will find us and comfort us if we will just 'Be still" and call on Him.

Jane B. Thomas
is a member of Free Springs UMC near Como Mississippi.

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