Lenten Devotional, 3/9/2012


Friday, March 9

Try Giving Grace 

John Perkins was interviewed for an article in Sojourners magazine by a young man concerned about his grandmother's racism "How might she be helped to change her ways?" he asked.

John Perkins simply answered, "Does your grandmother like blueberries?"

The young man answered, "She loves them."

John Perkins responded, "Then take her some of my blueberries."

We cannot solve all the ills of our world; however, we see in the scriptures the way for salvation, reconciliation, healing. The way is counterintuitive: Turn the other cheek. Go the second mile. Pay all the laborers the same at the end of the day. Have lunch at the house of the tax collector. Talk with the outsider at the well.

Giving grace: this is the way Jesus shows us. Love is our strategy, our gift. Love is the powerful force unleashed in the life of everyone who believes that Jesus is God's Holy One.

Prayer: Loving God, we are awash this day in your grace. Help us to pass it on, to give grace without reserve, trusting in your will and your way in the world. Amen.

John Perkins is a civil rights veteran living in Jackson, Mississippi.

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