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My Healthy Living...Beyond Lab Results

Wayne HyattI recently completed my annual physical and received my lab results. It reminded me of report card day as I anxiously scanned the numbers and I'm glad to say I "passed!" The typical lab report reflects key indicators: cholesterol, glucose, protein, white blood count, etc. with associated comparisons to the "normal range." Levels out of this range may indicate a problem and levels way out of range ("panic levels") may require immediate attention.

What this report does not reflect, at least directly, are the other dimensions of my life. How am I functioning mentally/emotionally, within my marriage/family, socially, financially and spiritually? Am I operating within an acceptable range or am I in the danger zone? Are there areas requiring immediate attention?

While there are no official "reports" reflecting this information, with some degree of self reflection, most of us can identify the areas of our life that are out of balance. Each area requires time, energy, attention, effort and resources, all of which are limited and a natural balance is hard to achieve. The area getting the most attention is likely the one making the most immediate demand...the area in which I feel the most pressure.

Of course, significant imbalance in life has a way of getting our attention. A heart attack, threatened divorce, loss of employment or "crash" of our retirement account is a "wake up call" to rearrange our priorities. Just as we would hope to avoid a panic level on our lab work by being proactive in our health management, staying clear on our core values is necessary. Practicing the art of conscious living can keep us more centered and balanced.

Life is in a constant state of change and finding balance is an ongoing process. As you start a new year, make a commitment to allow yourself time to reassess the direction in which you are headed. Are you on track or have you temporarily derailed?

Your EAP is a resource for you, whether struggling with an immediate issue or taking time to reflect on your overall wellbeing. You can't beat the price (no cost!), it's confidential and help is only a phone call away!

Happy New Year from the staff of Methodist Healthcare EAP!

Author: Wayne Hyatt received his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Memphis State University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and a Certified Substance Abuse Professional. He has over twenty-five years experience in both clinical and administrative positions in the behavioral health field.

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