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There is exciting news for the clergy who are 65 and over and who are not serving in an appointment that qualifies for health coverage in the conference plan. Many had requested ways to lower their premiums for the Medicare Supplement. David Stotts, Conference Benefits Officer made the following announcement of the new program at the Retiree Banquet at Annual Conference.  
The Conference Board of Medical Benefits provides access to retiree insurance as required by the 2012 Discipline. The Board has negotiated a fully insured program entitled Retiree Benefit Choice through our current provider, AmWINS. Open enrollment will be in the fall of each year for a plan beginning the following January 1. 
Effective July 1, 2015, the clergy and dependents that are 65 and over, Medicare eligible, and not eligible for the conference self-insured active plan will have access to this plan. Clergy who are eligible for the retiree program but who are appointed to serve a local church or ministry and qualify for the self-insured plan shall be included in the self-insured plan. Those who are qualified for the conference self-insured plan because of their appointment and are on the AmWINS plan as of June 30, 2015 may remain on the plan unless they have a change in appointment qualifying for conference provided insurance.
This plan provides the following three options:
The Board of Medical Benefits studied options available to reduce the cost of the Medicare supplement to the retirees. Based on the study, our current provider, AmWINS, will provide the following options:

  1. Enhanced Plan: This is the current plan that will be continued. When the rates for 2016 of this plan are provided, they will be announced.
  2. Basic Plan: This is a plan similar to the current plan but offering lower premiums by allowing the participant to take some additional financial risk.
  3. Individual Plan: This plan allows a participant to go into the insurance market with the help of the AmWINS support group and design a plan that best suits their personal needs and level of premium most affordable to them.
Retiree Benefits Choice will provide the billing services for these plans. The retiree credit will first reduce the billing premium for the Enhanced and Basic Plans. The Individual Plan will be funded with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) earned by the retiree based on the rules adopted by the Annual Conference. Participants are encouraged to use the expanded ACH plan which will allow selection of draft dates (1st, 8th, and 15th of the month).
The open enrollment dates will be announced and opportunities to enroll in AmWINS Retiree Benefit Choice will be held in various locations around the conference. Continuing in the current plan or selecting on of the plans above can be accomplished by mail.

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