Mississippi Conference Administry Team

 David Stotts, CPA
Treasurer/Director of Finance and Administration/ Conference Benefits Officer


The Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) serves the conference just as the finance committee serves the local church. The CFA is responsible for receiving budget requests from all aspects of the conference, jurisdiction and General Church. 
Each year, a budget is prepared for annual conference by the CFA, taking into consideration what the council believes the local churches can support. The budget is presented to annual conference for approval. CFA apportions the approved budget to local churches according to a precise formula. The council then is responsible for monitoring the budget’s achievement including the receipts and disbursements. 
CFA looks at the budget as gas that runs the conference's car, or ministry. It is the job of the council to see that there is fuel in the vehicle to accomplish the mission and ministry work the conference decides to do. It is not the job of CFA to decide what mission and ministry work will be done. That is the job of annual conference.


We serve 5 committees:
  • a. Council on Finance and Administration (Brent Wilson, Chair)
  • b. Trustees (Tim Prather, Chair)
  • c. Board of Medical Benefits (David Shumaker, Chair)
  • d. Board of Pension (John McKay, Chair)
  • e. Archives & History (Rob Webb, Chair)
What we do and the current tasks:
  • a. Property and Casualty Insurance Program
  • b. Buildings and Locations work and training
  • c. Building & grounds maintenance and supervision
  • d. Safety manual
  • e. Local Church Incorporation
  • f.  Local church/entities deeds
  • a. Manage about a $30 million dollar budget
  • b. Apportionments-fair allocation and explanation 
  • c. Budget oversight and preparation
  • d. Financial Statements
  • e. Leadership training-Administry Training 
  • f.  Local Church guidance on internal controls and financial reporting
  • g. District Finance Teams and local church audits
  • h. Living into the unknown
  • i.  Audit & Review (Conference District & Entities)
  • a. Sustainable medical insurance plan
  • b. Post-retirement health benefits 
  • c. Sustainable pension plan
  • d. Disability benefits
  • e. Shepherd’s Fund – SOMA Foundation - Columbus GA
  • f.  3 “L” Academy - Living Learning Leading Stewardship
  • g. Direct Invoice 
  • h. Revitup - Wespath
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Jackson, MS 39206
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