Special Needs Accessibility/Disability Awareness & Etiquette

The Mississippi Conference is sensitive to the needs of those attending the 2017 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference June 8-10, 2017. Our desire is for your time at the conference to be as enjoyable and easy to access as possible.



Persons who have Mississippi Disabled Parking tags or place cards will have access to a designated parking lot at the corner of Court Street and Roach Street. Please be sure when you enter the designated parking lot that your tag or place card is visible for the parking attendant.


Hearing Impaired

Assisted listening devices are available for worship and plenary sessions at the front right of the worship space. Check in to receive a listening device.

American Sign Language

American Sign Language will be offered during worship at the front right of the worship space.

Disability Awareness & Etiquette

All person's with disabilities should intentionally and continuously be reassured that they are wanted and welcome through our actions and words. Don't be afraid to ask how best to minister and relate to those with a disability. Never stray from just treating people as...people! Below are two links to help you practice patience as part of your hospitality ministry.

View or download this video about disability awareness and etiquette.

View or download this power point presentation about disability awareness and etiquette.