Imagine No Malaria Event Ideas

The size of your congregation doesn't matter – every faith community can help save a life by giving towards Imagine No Malaria. Having a fun, public fundraising event is a great way to generate energy around this important cause. Here is a list of ideas to help you make Imagine No Malaria part of your ongoing activities.

Trunk or Treat

Kids in costumes are cute but Malaria is scary – have malaria donation boxes at church truck-or-treats. Host scariest mosquito contest.

Join the SWAT Team

Collect pledges at church, from friends and family and neighbors, to pay for every swat you make with a fly swatter in 5 minutes.

Change for Change

Organize a Penny War at your church or your school to support Imagine No Malaria. Use pennies to count toward your team’s amount and use silver coins to subtract from the other team’s total. Between Sunday school classes, kids vs. adults, or another strategy – this is a great way to get everyone involved in Imagine No Malaria! Don’t forget to get your community and extended families involved too!

Get your Church Leaders Involved                                                                        

Kick-start the campaign at your church by involving your youth leader, pastor, or other church leaders! Set up a fundraising blitz event, where if your youth raise a particular amount of money within a particular timeframe, then the church leader will do something crazy. Dye his/her hair a weird color? Wear a funny costume to church one Sunday? Go skydiving? What zany ideas can you come up with?

Everyone Loves to Eat

(Idea #1) Plan a promotion day at a local restaurant! Many restaurants have programs where you distribute flyers about eating at that place on a particular day, and the restaurants will donate a portion of their profits during that day to your charitable cause. Organize these fundraisers throughout the year for an easy way to continually support Imagine No Malaria throughout the next year. Invite your friends, families and communities.

(Idea #2) Organize an alternative meal event at your church. Host a potluck dinner and have people donate what they would have spent if they had gone out to eat. Plan a church-wide activity or show a movie to add another layer of fun.

Save the Planet and Save Lives

Collect cans from the people in your congregations or your communities and take them to a recycling center for a refund. Do this over a few months or even throughout the next year, and see how many cans you can collect.

Swarm your Congregation

Make enough pipe-cleaner mosquitos to pass out to everyone in your congregation so they have a constant reminder about the importance of the Imagine No Malaria campaign. Google “pipe cleaner mosquito” for instructions.

Or you could blanket your sanctuary with pipe-cleaner mosquitoes and take one down for every $10 raised.

Count Mosquito Bites

Ask everyone in your church to count their mosquito bites each week and give a small offering of thanks for each one.

Celebrate Sundae

Ask your church to set a fundraising goal, and when you meet the goal through a special offering, have a picnic and make your pastor into a human sundae complete with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.

Stomp Out Malaria

One church filled their pastor’s old hiking boots with cash while she was away on vacation.

Miles for Malaria

Host a 5k in a public park and invite your whole town to participate. We have lots of premade “How to Host a 5k” resources at

Dress Up Your Church Leader

Church leaders can name the amount of money that would have to be raised in order for them to wear a mosquito costume, swimsuit, superhero costume, etc.

LemonAID Stand

Youth can set up their own lemonade stand and sell cups of the beverage for a donation.

Lemon Face Challenge

Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, church members can drink a “shot” of lemon juice while being filmed and then challenge their friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., to do the same AND show themselves going to to make a $10 or $20 donation.

Knock Out Malaria

Your church could host a chili supper and let participants have the opportunity to hit a piñata entitled “malaria” for a small fee.

Skeeter Shoot

Someone in your church could organize a skeet shoot for area sportsmen with proceeds to benefit INM.

Whack a Mosquito

One church decorate an old VW bug to look like a mosquito and charged people $10 per whack to hit it with a sledgehammer.

Drive Out Malaria

Let your conference district host a golf tournament at a local course with proceeds going to INM.

Sleep Out to Stamp Out Malaria

One church hosted a sleep-out under mosquito nets on their lawn to raise awareness of malaria. Sleepers were sponsored by church members for a donation.

Weed Out Malaria

One church’s youth initiated a community service project to pull weeds in their town and got a pledge donations for each weed they pulled.

Make a Difference Music Festival

One church worked with a local restaurant and local musicians to organize a music festival that encouraged supporting INM.

Free Throw Shoot Out

Your church could host a free throw shooting contest at your family life center or at a downtown festival and get your community involved.

Collect Funds

Decorate donations jars with your youth group to collect funds for Imagine No Malaria throughout the year. Leave a couple jars around your church, but don’t forget to ask your community to get involved too! Visit local businesses and ask to leave a donation jar at their store, or take the donation jars door-to-door around your community. Don’t forget to give them some information about Imagine No Malaria so they can learn more about this life-saving campaign.

Benefit concerts

Sunday school fundraising efforts

Benefit cookouts

Pancake breakfasts

Being swarmed 

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