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The United Methodist Church is founded on a Wesleyan theology of grace, anchored in Scripture, and based in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the continuing movement of the Holy Spirit.

What it means to #BeUMC

#BeUMC honors the core values that connect the people of The United Methodist Church. No matter the challenges we face, God is with us, and we have countless opportunities to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

Now is our chance to embrace our Wesleyan heritage and envision a promising future. Every day offers a chance to live into our mission and to strive to #BeUMC. 

Alignment of Mississippi Conference's Four Core Values and #BeUMC Values

We are blessed to share a connection to ministry in our local churches, throughout our state and around the world as The United Methodist Church, that meets the needs of people suffering and in crisis as well as continues to take the gospel to the world. Learn more about our connectional values. 

Love is The POWER of We | John 15

#BeUMC: Experience God through the UMC

We embrace a Church where we experience our triune God in personal and community relationships, transforming our own lives, the lives around us, and the entire world.

I want to be part of the Church...

  • Where I found my relationship with God.
  • That helped my children.
  • That shaped my parents and grandparents.
  • Where I can use my gifts and be part of a community.

Generosity is The POWER of We | Matthew 10:5a and 8b NIV

“These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions…freely you have received; freely give.”

#BeUMC: Influence, connection and impact

With more than 12 million members across the globe, we are a powerful connection, living and sharing the grace of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to work for global health, education, creation care, child welfare, disaster recovery and countless other efforts.

I want to be part of a Church that...

  • Shapes the world and cares for all of God’s creation.
  • Has given billions of dollars to offer healing to a broken world.
  • Can do so much more together, than alone, to change the world.


Justice is The POWER of We | Micah 6:8 ESV

“He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

#BeUMC: Belonging and inclusion

All belong and will be loved in The United Methodist Church. All will be heard, respected and engaged. All will be free to develop their personal relationship with God and to serve fully in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

I want to be part of the Church...

  • With different backgrounds, opinions and gifts.
  • That is dismantling racism.
  • Where, when communion is celebrated, everyone is invited to the table.
  • That is diverse and where I'm not expected to think like everyone else.
Rev. Lydia Michelle Dailey, former senior pastor of the Philadelphia Parish in Philadelphia shares about how justice is essential in the process of making disciples of Jesus Christ. Click here to read why she continues to #BeUMC

Apprenticeship is The POWER of We | II Kings 2:9

“When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what I shall do for you, before I am taken from you.” And Elisha said, “Please let there be a double portion of your spirit on me.”

#BeUMC key messaging: Disciple-making

We are dedicated to the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world in the tradition of John Wesley.

I want to be part of the Church...

  • Who are grounded in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.
  • Who are anchored in Scripture and formed by tradition, experience and reason.
  • Who live a life of personal piety and social holiness.


#BeUMC Resources

#BeUMC | The People of God: A Four-week Worship Series

Discipleship Ministries has chosen to contribute to the campaign by providing this four-week worship series. As with our Lectionary Worship Series, this series is designed to be a seed planting for you to shape to fit your setting. We begin with planning notes to help you think about the worship service as a whole with suggestions for the setting and the mood, visuals and other worship elements. Then there are preaching notes to give the preacher a head start on putting the themes and chosen texts into sermon order. We also include music notes to help with congregational or choir and ensemble singing, liturgical resources and even suggestions for children and worship and small-group tie-ins to the main theme.

Visit resourceumc.org/BeUMC to explore #BeUMC messaging and engage with the toolkit for leaders.

This grassroots effort, built upon powerful stories of congregations and people living their faith, celebrates what draws us to The United Methodist Church and what we aspire to be. Learn more at resourceumc.org/BeUMC.

#BeUMC Discussion Guide

Here you'll find a series of guides to help individuals and groups reflect on what it means to be United Methodist--to #BeUMC

#BeUMC Worship & Preaching Resources

Incorporate the #BeUMC campaign into worship services with the help of this sermon series developed by Discipleship Ministries.

Order #BeUMC Merchandise 

Celebrate your commitment and order #BeUMC shirts, magnets and stickers for giveaways, gifts and personal use. 


Share Why You Think It's Great to #BeUMC

United Methodists around the world are sharing why they choose to #BeUMC. Why are you United Methodist? What makes you optimistic about the future of our congregation’s ministry and mission? Create your own photo, video or written post about your personal experiences, values, hopes and heritage. Be inspired by the examples below and don’t forget to include #BeUMC in your post!



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