2018 Budget Workbook


Work Book Index  Mission Share Fund # Section Description Work Book Index Number
    Table of Contents  
A Budget Worksheet Recap  
B   Reports for Pre-Conference Work Book  
    2017 CFA Report #1 (Adopted at 2016 AC) B-1
    2018 CFA Report #1 (Propose to 2017 AC) B-2
    Report # 2  2018 and 2017 Apportioned Mission Share Budget B-3
    Report # 3  Funding Report of the Conference Board of Pension B-4
C   Level Study Committee  
D 11 Administrative Sub Committee  
               Conference Personnel Committee D-1
               CFA Personnel Committee D-2
               Office Administration D-3
               Trustees D-4
               Conference Secretary D-5
               Conference Statitician D-6
               Committee on Archives and History D-7
               Annual Conference Session D-8
               Episcopacy Committee  D-9
               Episcopal Residence Committee D-10
               Advocacy and Administrative Review D-11
E Clergy Support  
  31            Board of Medical Benefits E-1
  32            Pre 82 Pension Funding E-2
  8            Districts Superintendent Fund E-3
  9            Spiritual Leader Formation E-4
  10            Equitable Compensation E-5
  Benevolence Sub Committee
F Partnerships  
  2      Community Centers  
              Bethlehem Center F-1
              Edwards Street Fellowship F-2
              Good Shepherd Center F-3
              Moore Community House F-4
              St Andrews Mission F-5
              Wesley House F-6
  4       The Choctaw Mission F-8
  5       The United Methodist Hour F-9
  13       Appalachian Ministry F-10
G   Conference Ministry  
  12       Faith Community Formation G-1
  13      Connectional Ministries & Communications G-2
H   Higher Education  
  14       Wesley Foundation Ministry H-1
  16       Millsaps College H-2
  18       Rust College H-3
I   Camps  
  20       Lake Stephens I-1
  21       Wesley Pines I-2
  22       Seashore Assembly I-3
  23       Gulfside Assembly I-4
J   Beyond the Conference  
  1         World Service J-1
  15         Ministerial Education J-1
  17         Black College Fund J-1
  19         Africa University J-1
  24         Episcopal Fund J-1
  25         General Church Administration J-1
  27         Interdenominational Cooperation Fund J-1
  26         Southeast Jurisdiction J-2
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