To hear God, start listening


The Storyteller
Rev. Huey Wood 

Two old men were talking about one’s new hearing aid. The first old man said, “Why Tom, this is the finest thing I have ever seen. Why I can hear the smallest sound. Why, I can hear a pin drop and tell what it is.”  

The other fellow said, “Well what kind is it, Tom?”  

He looked at his watch and said, “Oh, it’s 2:15.” 

Physical deafness is a terrible thing; to not be able to hear a choir sing or a bird sing or a grandchild say, “Granddaddy, I love you.” To me, deafness is next to blindness in our senses. Of course there is more than one thing that causes deafness. Some people don’t hear for different reasons. Sometimes a person doesn’t hear because he doesn’t listen, and he doesn’t listen because he is not concerned about what you have to say. We’ve all had someone walk up and ask how our family is doing, you say “terrible” and they will say, “that’s fine.” They didn’t hear because their mind was not with you. 

Of course in our prayer life we do not hear what God is saying because we never have a time or place to hear. We do all the talking and it’s like we are saying, “God, I am not concerned about you have to say. My only concern is in what I have to say.” This kind of deafness is the most difficult to heal. 

That is why the New Testament is so clear in calling us to the Holy Communion table where we are reminded again and again of His great love and sacrifice. It’s for this reason that our Thanksgiving is probably the second most important day of remembering that we have. 

Another thing about our hearing is that what we are has to affect our life or it means very little to us. If we listen to the wise, then we learn, and if we learn then we care and become better human beings in the plan that God has for us. 

Prayer: Father, Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and a will to do. Amen

© 2002 Huey Wood