Equitable Compensation

The conference commission on equitable compensation recommends standards for clergy support, administers funds to supplement base compensation in certain pastoral situations and provides counseling and education on clergy compensation for district superintendents and committees on pastor-parish relations. The term "equitable compensation" refers to a fair compensation rather than equal compensation. 

To help congregations receiving equitable compensation support develop plans to ensure pastors receive minimum salaries from their church

To evaluate all churches receiving funds by doing site visits with pastors and pastor-parish relations committees

To listen to the needs of all clergy, particularly ethnic pastors

To seek new ways of funding needs

To fairly distribute the funds approved to the requests made

For more information contact Dorothy Ellis by phone at 601.354.0515 or by email at dellis@mississippi-umc.org.


Salary Supplement Request Form 

Unique Ministries Request

Ethnic Congregation Request