Executive Director UMVIM, SEJ, Birmingham, AL


United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Southeastern Jurisdiction (UMVIM, SEJ) is the short-term mission sending agency of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. UMVIM exists to promote, encourage and enable Christians to exemplify “Christian Love in Action” through short-term mission service at home and abroad.  UMVIM provides opportunities for service by developing and nurturing relationships with domestic and international leaders.
Due to the retirement of Paulette West, UMVIM, SEJ Board of Directors chose a selection committee to hire a new Executive Director.  Job Description Below.

  • Salary - $50,000 to $60,000 annually
  • Additional benefits - $8,000 to $12,000 annually for health insurance and pension; travel expenses as approved in the budget annually by the Board of Directors
  • Start date – flexible (after June 1, 2017 and before October 31, 2017 with possibly a one month overlap)
  • Office location – 100 Centerview Drive, Suite 210, Birmingham, AL  35216
  • Applicants should be from the Southeastern Jurisdiction
  • Submit the following to sejinfo@umvim.org by November 15, 2016:
  • Cover Letter (one page) summarize how your engagement in UMVIM or missions has prepared you to be uniquely qualified to be selected as the Executive Director; what strengths, knowledge, and skills you have that qualify you for the position; and your vision for UMVIM, SEJ for the next quadrennium and where the organization will be at the end of 2020.
  • Resume (no longer than 2 pages in length)
  • Three (3) letters of Recommendation (one page) - please have them include how long they have known you and their contact information
    1. A person  with knowledge of your UMVIM or mission involvement
    2. A church leader
    3. A person reference
Finalists will be notified by December 2, 2016 and interviews will be held January 12, 2017 at the UMVIM, SEJ office.

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, Southeastern Jurisdiction
The Director shall guide, coordinate, interpret and develop the Volunteers in Mission ministry in the Southeastern Jurisdiction.  The Director works under the supervision of the UMVIM, SEJ Board of Directors and relates to the Southeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Coordination and Accountability and Global Ministries Mission Volunteers Office.
Manage the overall operations and staff of the Office (40%)
  • Supervise and evaluate staff
  • Provide prompt and professional correspondence
  • Promote development opportunities
  • Monitor all receipts and disbursements
  • Establish and maintain office procedures, practices, and processes, relating to equipment, leases, insurance, and supplies
  • Encourage diversity and inclusiveness in all areas of UMVIM
  • Assist in placement of volunteers and teams
  • Develop and promote programs and avenues of fund-raising
  • Maintain historical and informational records of UMVIM, SEJ
  • Maintain records of teams
Support and Resource the Connection (10%)
  • Maintain the International Project List
  • Resource and participate in the Board of Directors meetings
  • Resource and attend the annual Conference UMVIM Coordinators meeting
  • Resource the SEJ Conference Secretaries of Global Ministries and attend  meetings
  • Provide documentation of UMVIM SEJ activities and finances and annually report to the Southeastern Jurisdiction Committee on Coordination and Accountability
  • Participate and provide documentation of UMVIM SEJ activities at Jurisdictional Coordinators meetings with Global Ministries Mission Volunteers
  • Promote UMVIM, Global Ministries Mission Volunteers, and The Advance Programs
  • Attend consultations within the jurisdiction, budget and schedule allowing
  • Communicate the need for Early Response and Long-term Teams following a disaster
  • Assist with Volunteer Management and/or training following a disaster
  • Assist with the administration of the Planning Team for the SEJ Disaster Academy
  • Attend fall UMCOR Sager Brown Academy
Training Activities (20%)
  • Provide Conference UMVIM Coordinators Orientation and training
  • Offer “Train-the-Trainers” in Annual Conferences as well as team leader trainings
  • Resource Annual Conference UMVIM committees in the development of their programs
  • Develop materials to assist in the training and orientation of volunteers
  • Offer team leader training or workshop at SEJ Disaster Academy
  • Assist with process and attend Global Ministries long-term Mission Volunteer  training within the Jurisdiction
  • Assist with international host trainings sponsored Global Ministries Mission Volunteers office
  • Provide training/workshop at UMVIM SEJ events or as requested by annual conferences or local churches
Communication and Interpretation (30%)
  • Develop tools to communicate and educate about UMVIM and its programs, projects, and resources (website, brochures, DVD, etc.)
  • Cultivate contacts throughout the connection in order to encourage opportunities for volunteers to serve
  • Offer programs and presentations to churches, groups, and special events
  • Develop resources and promote UMVIM Awareness Sunday
  • Promote Southeastern Jurisdiction UMVIM events